Tips to Avoid Peyronies Disease


The exact cause/s of Peyronies Disease aren’t known. Some factors which are thought to be potential cause/s of the disorder include injury to penis such as hitting or bending; hereditary tendency (it has been discovered to runs in families) etc.. Currently, there are no proven ways to stop Peyronies disease. Some measures that may help to prevent Peyronies disease include:

Avoid sleeping on your belly:
there is absolutely no evidence to show this is really beneficial, but some sexologists and reproductive experts advise that teens should avoid sleeping on tummy. This relies on the theory that sleeping on tummy might compress the blood vessels of the penis, which may lead to reduced blood into the spongy tissues of the penis. This can cause reduced development of this tissues of the penis, often on one side and so, cause bend of their penis or Peyronie’s disease.

Be careful during sex:
Injury is believed to be a potential causative factor for Peyronie’s disease. Injury can often occur during intercourse, particularly whenever you’re using sex positions like female being on top. Therefore, being careful while having sexual intercourse is advised.

Utilization Vitamin E supplements: Some small-scale research have noted that men with Peyronie’s disease, who have been given vitamin E orally, reported improvements. Progress in pain was reported in 30 to 60 percent of affected men, but there was no significant shift in bulge size or deformity of their erect penis. If, however, there is a part of vitamin in the prevention of Peyronie’s disease, it needs to be confirmed by studies.

Use grip based penis stretchers: If you would like to improve the size of your penis (equally in length & depth), use of grip based penis stretching apparatus can help. Apart from this, use of grip based penis stretching device can help to stop or correct abnormal curvature of penis in Peyronie’s disease. It’s most likely among the simplest approaches to treatment of abnormal curvature of Peyronie’s disease. Traction is applied on the face of the manhood which has the scar tissue. This causes it to enlarge and behave like the normal side and can result in longer, firmer and thicker erections.

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