Male Contraceptive Methods


Till date there’s only a lone barrier method of contraception for a guy that’s the condom. Various researches have been done on other male enhancement procedures, in fact a male contraceptive pill and shot is currently on trials.

Male Enhancement

Male condom is the most used and popular male enhancement approach. Mostly it’s made of latex and can be worn over the penis when it’s erect. It’s a barrier method of contraception and physically prevents the sperms from penetrating a partner’s body. It has a little tip which behaves a collector of ejaculated semen. It is 97-98 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs when correctly employed.


A surgical procedure named Vasectomy is performed on men. It involves severing or tying from the vas deferens that is responsible for ejaculating sperms from the testes to the semen secretion. The surgery is easy, usually done under local anesthesia and has a very higher success rate. It does not have any effects on achieving an erection, sexual desire and performance. Reversal of the process might not offer favourable results as success rate is much less and there is a chance of side effects.  

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