Female Contraceptive Methods


Today there are lots of female contraceptives methods available in market but people often shield away from knowing about them. Contraceptive procedures for women not only help to prevent unwanted pregnancy but also control widespread of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). But before opting for any contraceptive system it is wise to talk with your spouse about the contraceptive method you would like to use and above all consult a gynecologist.

Intra-Uterine Device (IUD)

IUD is reliable as well as cost effective contraceptive method of birth control. It’s put within the uterus of girls wherein it releases hormone termed progestogen inside the uterus. This hormone work to reduce fertilization of egg, it alters the uterus lining and unable the egg to implant. Effectiveness of intra uterine device varies from one form to other. For instance some remain successful five to ten years while some can be utilized only for one year.

The only drawback of this contraception method is that it can cause pelvic infection or bleeding in some of the cases. Besides this it has also been reported to increase the risk of STDs.

Contraceptive Pill

About 100 million women worldwide use oral contraceptive pills for birth control. Contraceptive pills include two synthetic hormones   specifically oestrogen and progestogen. Each of the hormones prevents implantation by thickening cervical muscles of women and averts ovaries to release eggs.

Contraceptive pills also have been bombarded with controversies. However, with the rising number of users suggests that risks are outweighed by its benefits. The disadvantages of contraceptive pills include weight gain, nausea and fatigue. Apart from this the women who’ve liver tumors or any sort of cardiac difficulty must stay away from such pills. According to a report from Royal College of General Practitioners (2010), pill users are at 12 percent reduced risk of developing cancer.


Diaphragm is a cervical obstruction that is inserted inside women’s body also creates seal against vaginal wall. It is a latex disc that prevents sperms from entering uterus.


It’s offered in type of foam, creams and gels that eliminate sperms. Spermicides are extremely simple to use, you just need to insert it inside vaginal before sexual intercourse. They are regarded as effective protection against unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Nonetheless, it is best to use them along with other contraception methods such as condoms.

Female Condoms

Like male condoms, female condoms are barrier method of contraception that provide protection against unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Female condom is basically a thin sheath that’s worn in vagina.

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