Can Birth Control Pills cause Weight Gain?


Weight gain is the common concern for women that intend to take birth control pills. Many girls on tablets report to have gained weight but they’re frequently based on misconceptions. Experts are of view that birth control pills do not have relationship with weight gain.

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According to a study in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, some changes on women’s body due to birth control pills are temporary and minor. Women that are sensitive to elevated degree of synthetic hormone degree in birth control pills often experience side-effects such as acne, breast tenderness and general weight gain due to water retention.

Weight Gain Factors

  • Some women gain weight because of combination of estrogen and progestin in tablets. Higher level of progestin leads to water retention and ultimately weight gain. Tracking water intake and consulting doctor can help get rid of water retention.
  • Elevated levels of progestin within tablets additionally increase appetite and ultimately result in weight gain. But if girls keep hands on calorie consumption and exercise regularly, she will not confront this dilemma.
  • In a few women, birth control pills with high level of estrogen may also cause weight reduction. Triphasil, mircette, ortho-novum, demulen, ortho-novum, ovral, ortho evra patch and nuvaring are some contraceptives with high level of estrogen.

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If you’re on pills and suspect they are contributing to a weight then ask your doctor for alternate contraceptive. For instance birth control pills like Levlite, Loestrin-Fe and Mircette have reduced dose of estrogen.

According to a research, if heavier women that are on birth control pills maintain their diet stable can undergo weight reduction. Weight gain which includes age is often confused to have occured because of birth control pills.

Every girl responds differently to birth control pills. So it is necessary to seek advice from your doctor to acquire oral contraceptive that best suits you.

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