Birth Control Strategies for Women


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Hormonal Birth Control Method for Women

Birth control through hormonal processes is quite reliable. There are two methods mostly used for this —

  • The combination pill that includes the hormones estrogen and progestin (synthetic progesterone). It may be obtained through pills, via skin patches or rings.
  • The hormonal method that uses progestin alone for birth control is accepted as miniature pills or body enhancements. Implanon is one of these.   Estrogen is not recommendable for all girls. You might also choose a hormonal IUD. A type of progestin is released by it.

The two contraceptives birth control system mentioned previously are suitable for different ladies. You want to decide which will be pleasant to your own body constitution following doctor’s advice or carefully going through the recommendations for and against the birth control techniques such as enhancements, pills, patches and rings.

The one management which must be followed closely when taking the progestin-only pill is that you need to be very particular about the time of their day. It should be just the same as the day before. If not, the chances of pregnancy increase. Since breast-feeding mothers specifically cannot take the combination pill, they ought to be cautious of using the progestin method of birth control at exactly the exact same time daily which isn’t necessary when taking the combination tablet. Despite starting these methods, it is nonetheless important to keep backup birth control procedures for weekly.

Barrier Birth Control Methods for Women

Barrier birth control way of women include diaphragm, cervical cap, male condom, female condom, cervical shield, spermicidal foam, sponge and others. Their basic function is to prevent the process of sperm hitting the uterus. These approaches have the advantage of considerably lesser side-effects than the hormonal methods. If you fear contracting a sexually transmitted disease, using condoms, male or female, is the best way.

Permanent Birth Control – Surgical Implants

Girls may also go for tubal implants. It is a process whereby fallopian tubes that moves the eggs from ovaries to uterus are either cut, tied or blocked. Keep in mind it’s a permanent procedure and just those who don’t want to become parents must do it. It involves inserting a metal coil or tubular implant in each fallopian tube to obstruct it. In some moment, tissues grow round the implants resulting in permanent blockage.   Women can return home within two hours of this procedure. It is chiefly undergone by women who’ve had one or more kids and don’t want any more.

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