The Way to practice safe sex with No condom


Ever since the rate of HIV infections have gone down compared to the past couple of decades we are witnessing a rise in unsafe sex. It is true that there’s no such thing as 100% safe sex and we can simply practise safer sex.

Safe sex options

Coitus interruptus

Withdrawal before the man reaches orgasm in peno-vaginal sex is the most popular contraceptive system since time immemorial. But the transparent seminal fluid or ‘pre-come’ released regularly through an erection can also carry sperms and infections, notably HIV. Spermicide gels cannot kill germs and you are as vulnerable to STIs and HIV practising coitus interruptus because you are with unprotected release of semen inside the vagina.

Oral intercourse

Oral sex is a comparatively safer option as certain studies show that glycoproteins present in saliva can prevent HIV infection. Anyway, the virus is too weak to live in citrus juices so in case you consume semen or vaginal secretions there isn’t any cause for panic. But, cheek cells tend to be brittle and many times we are not aware of minor bruises and cuts inside our mouth, particularly gums. Direct disease is possible if the virus can enter your bloodstream through any mucosal opening. Gonorrhoea and Oral Herpes cannot be ruled out.

Safe sex options

Anal intercourse

The anal cavity is lined with thin walls which can absorb alien fluids readily and any disease gets easier to catch. Also, the sphincter is a tight compound muscle that closes naturally when penetrated forcefully. If the receptor of anal intercourse does not relax the muscles, tomb bleeding and injury is possible, opening up new sites of infections. Minor cuts are however not possible to avoid hence condoms are strongly recommended. In the event of analingus with dental dams, the active spouse becomes exposed to diarrhoea, Hepatitis of unique varieties including C type as well as E Coli.

External sex

Non penetrative and dry sex is perhaps the safest option. Activities like kissing, mutual masturbation, erotic massage, foreplay and massaging genitals together can provide enjoyment without much danger. Though exchange of fluids greatly increase the danger of acquiring a disease you are still vulnerable to skin infections, genital warts and pubic lice or crabs. In reality pubic lice is the most common STI against that there is no protection available yet.

We must understand that condoms are an effective tool against HIV and other infections. We must also note the limitations of our pick of protection. It is wise to read on various sexual activities as well as the risks involved in each. If you are not certain about the consequences of the actions you must consult a practitioner before indulging in that particular sexual act.

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