Risk of HIV Transmission with Condoms


condom and injectionPutting on a condom does not completely eliminate the risk of HIV infections. It nonetheless provides significant protection against the virus. Correct use and upkeep will last to reevaluate your chances of getting HIV and specific guidelines should be followed.

Standardised Product

While at the West many dimensions can be found, in India you receive a standardised condom which may be too tight or too loose for some. If you can afford to purchase online the ideal fit do not wait. It would be wise to invest in something that will offer maximum protection.

Air Bubbles

If you do not hold the sperm collecting tip of the condom until you unroll it on your manhood air bubble are likely to accumulate. The condom can burst during vigorous intercourse.


In case you’ve opened the covering foil with a sharp instrument, teeth or fingernails you might have caused a rip. This is dangerous as you may not realise that the damage until its too late. However, do not unroll from the air to look for tears. Discard and utilize another if you have a doubt.


Oil based lubricants harm latex condoms and make you vulnerable to HIV. Always use water based lubricants such as Johnson’s KY Jelly, Lubic Gel or Durex. Imported ones like Boots are also accessible at certain chemists.  

Sores/ Warts

The condom can only cover the shaft of your penis. Sometimes it slips during sex and the base of the penis is exposed. Furthermore, the testicles stay open. If either of the man or woman have open sores, genital warts or some other mucosal opening with discharge they will likely get infected even if they use condoms.

Multiple Condoms

Some believe that wearing a few condoms at precisely the exact same time will boost their protection. To the contrary, it is a dangerous practise as increased friction would cause all the layers to burst and make the two spouses vulnerable.


If you do not eliminate the penis immediately after ejaculation it is possible to risk spillage within the anus. Also, if you pull out carelessly without holding the foundation firmly with your index finger and thumb semen can leak out.

Novelty Condoms

Many imported and economical condoms aren’t meant for protection. Be cautious especially of those with scents, flavours or French ticklers. Always purchase a trustworthy brand which mentions prevention particulars about the packet. You can read online reviews of most brands and make a wise option.

Expiry Date and Storage

If you do not check the expiry date you are increasing the risk of infection. However, even if the condom is well within its shelf life limit do assess whether it has not become sticky or gummy. If it does not slide easily discard it. Additionally, the quality will depend on the way you save it. Keep in a dry and cool place and never within a wallet.

Double Penetration

In the event of 2 penises entering a vagina or anus in precisely the same time increased friction can lead to harm. You may use lots of lubrication but the danger remains. Anyway, the risk increases with the number of sex partners and it’s your decision to make.

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