How Effective are Condoms as Birth Control


Condoms as birth control method are considered to be the best. Research has proven that if used correctly, condoms can prevent pregnancy at 98 percent cases. Even when not used properly the success rate of condoms as birth control was shown to be as high as 86 percent. Breakage or spoilage of condoms may leave them ineffective and it’s been estimated that approximately 2 to 6 percent may fall or break off during intercourse. If you happen to pick a pack of condom following its expiry date, needless to state the condoms could have been spoiled or become too brittle to sustain the strain of an intercourse.

When Do Condoms Fail as Effective Birth Control Method?

  • Breakage — United States have been in the forefront of carrying out research for collapse of condom to prevent pregnancy. It has been found that just 2% condoms fail due to the condom’s fault.
  • Slipping — Research has shown that condoms may slip off or slip down the penis in the course of vaginal sex. The proportions for slipping off and slipping down are less than 5%.
  • Penis Size — It had been reported in major papers which India reports the maximum rate of condom failure. It is thought that the smaller size of manhood in Indian men is the reason for this. So, you need to ensure that the condom is the correct fit. Test the various sizes to discover which one fits you best.
  • Latex Allergy — Latex condoms are the best in preventing pregnancy or transmission of HIV. People who are allergic to latex want to use a condom manufactured from different materials like polyurethane. If you’re allergic to all synthetic materials, elect for lambskin condom. Lambskin condom’s effectiveness for a birth control technique is the least one of the condoms.

Condoms are regarded as the least expensive and best birth control method. As there aren’t any hormonal changes within the body of people with its use, the benefit of using it’s clear. You simply have to be a bit more aware of it breaking when you are in the action. If you notice it before ejaculation, instantly extract and replace the broken condom with a fresh one. If ejaculated, wash the semen with soap and warm water to lessen odds of pregnancy. You also need to get your partner tested for pregnancy.

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