How can condoms work?


Much like how everything is turning and changing and advancing, so did the condom! Yes, now you can find one that tastes and smells like cherry, strawberry, orange, mint, coffee, and what not.

Condoms are vital for sexual activity; this is to be able to remain protected from sexually transmitted diseases or to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Actually a condom should be used in any way times, be it for sexual intercourse or oral sex. There’s every chance that you are tired of those exact same old condoms that taste like rubber, and when the use of condom is essential for oral sex then why not have some flavour in it? For all you know, it may make matters even more exciting and more fulfilling for partners! It’s really a marvel, these flavoured condoms that stand apart significantly from the non-flavoured ones. However, is there some other difference in flavoured condoms and non flavoured ones besides the taste factor? No, condoms are the same and have exactly the exact same work.

understanding Flavoured Condoms

What do flavoured condoms do?

Avoid STDs

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can easily be transmitted through oral sex. Much like sausage, mucous membranes can also be within the mouth; therefore many STDs readily transmit through oral sex. So it’s important to use condom to be secure. Flavoured condoms are especially designed for adults to enjoy oral sex.

They involve a vibrant sexual experience

The condom industry appears to be putting extra effort to adults so that they could have more pleasurable sexual encounter. Flavoured condoms are available in various colors to match their flavour. For example, strawberry flavoured condom is reddish coloured and banana is yellow in colored. They may be readily purchased from online shop or a nearby drug store. In general, flavoured condoms do not cost more than the other hens.

Accentuate oral sex experience

Considering that unflavoured condoms taste bad, flavoured condoms are mainly made for anal intercourse. They are not intended for penetrative sex.   The glucose levels in flavoured condoms can influence the pH balance of vagina resulting in yeast infection. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted many manufacturers of flavoured condoms due to their strength and protection. As stated before, FDA also warns of the danger of yeast infection by flavoured condoms.

Understanding Flavoured Condoms

Avoid unwanted pregnancy

If you’re choosing penetrative sex (vaginal intercourse), then you must elect for sugar-free condoms. According to your own, flavoured condoms aren’t effective at preventing pregnancy. While some are of view that if used properly, flavoured condoms provide pleasurable experience together with safety against STDs and unwanted effects.

How to use a flavoured condom

Open the package carefully

Open the package carefully so that the condom does not tear. Don’t get carried away with your passion and the heat of the moment and tear it available in a random manner. Do not use teeth, scissors, or anything sharp to open this up.

Work out the rolled path

You need to next find out which way is the condom rolled, which is necessary particularly if you’re in a darkened room. Use your fingers to feel the way in which the condom is rolled. Put one hand on either side and pinch the rolled ring of your condom between your thumb and your fingers. Then you should roll the condom in one direction together with your fingers and if it does not roll then this isn’t the direction, you must try out the other hand.

about flavoured condoms

Erection alert

You should make certain your penis is erect, or your condom will opt to get a waste. Condoms should fit nicely over the penis and it’ll never leave any spots that are loose. Should you roll it on the penis when you aren’t fully vertical, it will fit awkwardly and will be likely to tear.

Roll it on

Condoms can quickly unroll down the entire length and whether or not it feels weird in anyway then you should open another one. Never lip it over and re-use it as an erect penis most likely produces pre cum, and when this enters the woman then there is the probability of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, you ought to be quite careful.

Lube the condom

You can apply sexual lubrication so as to reduce the risk of condom damage and also for greater sexual encounter. At times lubricants also contain spermicides which may help to decrease the probability of a pregnancy. If your condom is not properly lubricated then you need to apply it to both the condom and also on the spouse. But you should remember not to use a lot of lubricant as rust is necessary for getting sex.

You need to assess the condom during fractures to see whether it’s fine or not. When a condom breaks during sex then you should replace it instantly. Oral intercourse with condom may cause it to rip and thus it is very important that you have an additional one with you! Understand that it’s really very significant that you use a condom when having oral sex, and there are flavoured condoms for this reason only!

Thus if you are looking for yummy treat to invigorate your sexual encounter then flavoured condoms are for the best for you!

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