Can Condoms Stop against HPV?


Do Condoms prevent against HPVThe human papillomavirus (HPV) is a group of viruses that could infect human beings and cause infections. Out of the 200 known forms, most do not lead to any symptoms and signs, although some may result in cancers of the vagina, penis, anus and vulva. HPV has been known to be transmitted via sexual intercourse and persistent infection with HPV can result in cancer. Genital warts and HPV infections are the most illnesses due to this virus.

Condoms and HPV

  • Though condoms offer some protection against HPV, it’s not 100%.
  • The virus causing genital warts is not only located on the penis and inside the vagina. It is also found around the genital area. This area is not covered by the condom and so, protection isn’t full.
  • Condoms can simply protect one against HPV when it worn during the sexual activity and not just during sex. That can be so because HPV can enter the human through oral and touch sex. Therefore, if indulging in oral sex, then an individual should wear a condom in order to reduce the chances of infection.
  • Condoms that are torn throughout the course of this sexual activity will not prevent against HPV. Therefore, it is mandatory to wear it correctly and before the act commences.
  • Genital warts occasionally can’t be seen with the naked eye. Thus, someone may not be aware that he has them. In such a circumstance, a condom will not protect one against HPV since the hidden warts may still come in contact with the genital area of the other person and lead to infection.
  • Anal sex is another manner of contracting HPV. Many couples do not wear condoms while indulging in it, thinking that simply because there is not any chance of an unwanted pregnancy, so it’s completely. What they overlook is that the HPV can live from the anal area too and may be transmitted during sex.

Although earlier it was believed that condoms do not offer you any security against HPVs, it’s now an established that they are actually effective. In accordance with different researches, women whose partners use condoms often are at 70% decreased risk of HPV. Similarly women, whose partners use condoms periodically, are in 50% less risk of contracting HPV. Therefore, what one can safely infer from this is the fact that although condoms don’t offer 100% prevention, an individual should always use them to be able to decrease the chance of HPV.

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